Show 14-005

Recorded: Monday, Feb 03, 2014

Upbeat Arabic, Middle Eastern, and North African Music on Radio MAQAM® on Public Radio with host Bashar Barazi! راديو مقام - محطة الإذاعة العربية

Host Bashar Barazi is feeling like having fun on today's Radio MAQAM® show, so he has chosen a unique selection of music that is guaranteed to put a spring in your step and make you feel happy, including a song from the queen of Bedouin music, a folkloric piece that has been re-imagined in a contemporary style, and one about a singer who loves oranges!

The good times music includes pop and instrumental pieces from Majida El Roumi, Saad El Soghayar, Samira Tawfic, and Tony Hanna.

Listen to the show:


- Bassem Yazbeck - Leili Ya Layali
- Ali Mazbouh - Moulayiten
- Various Artists - Ayela Tayha
- Tony Hanna - Inn Lansoub Telephone
- Magida El Roumi - Khidni Habibi
- Various Artists - Alayki El Dalal
- Samira Tawfic - Afass
- Dany Nour - Kell El Banat
- Jad Nakhle - Wana Mali
- Saad El Soghayar - Elbortokal
- Haissam Salah Eddine - Hanna Al Sakran
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